7850 vs 7870 vs 7950

Hey this might be a stupid questions but the title says it all pretty much which would be the the best bang for my buck I don't really want to spend 7950 money but if the price/performence is really the best then I'll definetly consider it. The thing is is that I have a 7850 Sapphire right now and its good but I'm thinking of adding more screens and such so yea.. Thanks! 



7850 has best performance for the price, but if you already have a 7850 than buying another card wont make that much of a difference you would be paying $350 for a 7950 and only getting 30-40% better performance


get a 2nd 7850 and xfire them.

Well, 7850 is best bang for the buck, the problem is it won't max most games at 1080p, but it can be remedied with OC; the 7870 is a fantastic bang for the buck, and eats games alive at 1080p plus has lots of room to OC. but if you plan on eyefinity, the 7950 is the way to go. The extra GB of memory will be useful, especially if you want AA, and the added horsepower is needed to drive that higher resolution with fluent frame rates. Just a single 1080p monitor, I'd go 7870, but if you want 3, 7950.

I'd go crossfire, you get extra video ports and more power. and cheaper. I don't see a point in spending more money just to get a little improvement anyways though, why not just wait till later in the year and get an 8000 series card?

he could still crossfire with a 7950

only nvidia requires you to have identical cards

You cant Crossfire a 7850 and 7950, only from the same sub series as in only the 79xx cards can crossfire with the 79xx cards and same goes for the 78xx and 77xx cards , the 7850 will be fine for now, id save up, wait for the 8xxx and 7xx series to release and drop in price a little and buy then.

The '7870 Tahiti LE' is the best bang for buc