7850 1gb vs 2gb

Does the extra gig of VRAM really make a difference? Also can I just dedicate some ram to the 1gb version?

Also I don't care what the FPS is like as long as it looks better than how my current pc can play arma 2.


So yeah... 

Note: I only have a 720p tv 22in right now. So i probally won't be running games much higher in a while.

Newer games are starting to utilize more VRAM now. For instance, games like Battlefield 3 can use up to 1.7GB of VRAM at 1080p. I personally wouldn't buy a card unless it had at least 2GB of VRAM.

But I aint gonna run it at  1920x1080. If I do get bf3 it will be at 720p. Because I am pretty sure you can't run resolutions higher than your monitor can support. 

How bad will lag be Vortex?

1GB for 720p will probably be fine, but don't quote me on it. I would still be more comfortable with 2GB.

I was gonna get me a good case but I said screw it and got me some cheap 24 dollar one. So now I can afford a 7870.

Get 2Gb if you want to record in 720p... I think GPU's are involved as also the CPU and even RAM... When you record, data and that stuff.

1gb is fine but 2gb wil be great for next couple of years but if you want a decent future proof GPU then buy an best AMD 7xxx Radeon GPU with 6Gb since I think some games will use 6Gb VRAM. Probavly when Bohemia makes ARMA 4 in the future xD

your best bet would be to save a little bit more get a 7870 and get the 2gb version. why is because if you get a moniter then youll have the extra horsepower to drive it. if you dont get a moniter anytime soon at least youll be able to play everything on ultra at 720p

I have the 7850, it is powerful enough to run all the hd texture mods. so get the 2gb version, also it is an amazing OCer