780 TI 3 gig our 2 770 4 gig in sli for 5760x1080 gaming

I recently purchased a new system and currenty it has a 780ti and it just isnt enough for the 3 screens at the settings i want. So i want to know what your thought would be on me taking this back and getting 2 of the 4 gig 770's and i really want to kno what the performace of the 2 770's in sli on the 3 screens anyone with that setup please put ur opinion in this i need help choosing what im going 2 do


X2 290 will probably cost about the same as the dual 770s but will perform better

I have a shield so ive gotta stay in the nvida side what kind of performance would you expect of the 770's in bf4? compared to the 290 i have a seperate rig with a 680 that i could possibly use for the shield when its not doing any work


Is it a 4gb 680?

nope only 2 gig our ide buy up a 4 gig 680 in a heartbeat and ive got like 5 days left for me to take back the card so ive been trying to research my best option


To take back the 780Ti?

Apparently the new Nvidia graphics cards are going to be coming out in 2 days, so maybe if you went without a GPU for say a week, them you could get just one 980 and it should be enough for you on mostly high settings.

Yeah to take the 780ti back and wow i didnt think it was that soon they relase also have they  said anything about the memory size on the 980?



Now let me ask u y u dont like the 2 770's?


Yeah me neither! haha. They said it's 4GB

Everything so is rumors, but they are pretty solid rumors and i'd be shocked if they didn't bring out 4GB standard cards considering the 4K movement, and considering the your resolution requires approximately the same amount of power as these new GPUs are planning to provide for 4K then you should be good to go :)

But it's also a small gamble for the release date too, it might get delayed, or might just be wrong, so over the next couples of days before your return expires i'd have some good looking around. The official rumored release date is the 19th, and you need to hand your card back in by just after then so you'll know for sure before it's too late anyway :)

1 card is always better than 2 for gaming - and not everything works with SLi/xfire

Well I would go with that if the new cards weren't around the corner and if I couldn't go with the AMD card because of the price point, but if you can't get the new cards, or they are delayed then the 770s should suffice. They should act, in games, more or less like a 780Ti with an extra gig of ram, so you should be able top get some decent high settings, probably not max though.

Ohh wow u think the a2 770's would only have the horsepower roughly one 780 ti?

With optimization in mind, yeah.

Theoretically, if they could be fully optimized then they would blow the 780Ti away, but because no money has been put into research on how to get crossfire and SLI to work properly we get configurations (multi GPU ones) that aren't especially efficient, which is why you usually would go with one card unless you already have the best single GPU.

So in practice, this setup could peak up to the performance/results of the 780Ti in raw performance in a few games/moments, but most the time it will be just bellow, but the 4GB is the trade off, which means that the 770s vs the 780Ti in this 3 way 1080p monitor setup will give you better performance overall, but it will fluctuate a little.


If you were using one screen however, the 780Ti would give you better performance/results than the 770s.


Kind of confusing haha.

Okay thanks for all ur input and im on the new x99 with the 5820k and ive heard with the x99 corssfire and sli are better off than they used to be do u think that makes any diffrence? 


incorrect. I feel like I should have bought two 770's over my single 780. Reason better performance and more vram. Sadly if the 980 is 4gb's it wont be worth for me to upgrade so ill stick with my 780. Pick up a second one down the line.

Alguds man :) Ohhh nice! x99 looks so good haha.

Hmm, I haven't heard that, but i'm sure it's true, but unfortunately it's firstly down to Nvidia and AMD getting their acts together and sorting out some good optimization for these cards, and then it's down to the games developers making their games with possible crossfire and SLI configurations in mind.. which they aren't doing yet.. not even slightly, well for some games anyway. Watch_Dogs would perform worse with multi-GPU setups, but then there's other games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite and maybe Trine (I think) that really appreciate the extra cards.