780 Sli

Will an ax850 be enough to power these overclocked with an overclocked 3770k, an ssd, and a hard drive? If so, how many watts will i lose per year? Are there any 1000w atx power supplies? The way i want my corsair c70 to be is an intake at the bottom, and a longer psu will block that.


-EDIT: Ill just go with the ax1200. Better be safe then sorry, am i right?

You could use an AX750 for this setup, and still have headroom

Hey, I think I saw you posting about the 780 about a week ago. You advised me to wait, and im glad I did. Whats your opinion on them?

I really like it. However, I live in the UK. I haven't got any solid news on prices. It should be within my budget, so I am happy. I was the first to post pictures of this monster, and I got shot down for it. No one believed it would use that Titan cooler. Now I am having the last laugh :D

If you're gaming on a resolution higher than 1080p, the 780 is the ONLY card you should choose. Check out the benchmarks, it gives a similar gaming performance as the Titan. I have two proposed gaming setups, one at 1080p, and one at 1440p. I was waivering over my choices. I didn't feel there was a card available that met my needs, a single card made for higher resolutions. I am excited.

There are a lot of people that are unhappy with the details of the 780. I think they're crazy, and they are just jealous because they cannot part with their 680s xD "Aww diddums!"

I'm buying one 780 to start with, then figure out if I need a second. Enjoy those cards in SLi

I honestly dont understand how people wouldnt be happy with the 780. I hope you make the right choice with what you get, but either way you'll be happy. I may post some benchmarks of them in SLi, i dont know though. I was thinking of getting the acx cooler version, but i just cant part with the aluminum shroud. Good Luck with your build, and maybe post some pics when you're done.

I'm going to stick to the reference design, too. Probably spend a little extra to get an EVGA card, or something with a good level of warranty. I'll do my homework and see if any come voltage locked. Though, I doubt any of them are.

I couldn't be more certain of my 1440p setup now. This card is the final piece of the puzzle. Going to wait until Haswell, evaluate the Z87 motherboards et cetera. Then sure, I will post a build log or something on my profile. If I see you on TS, I'll show you. I'm definitely interested in SLi benchmarks, so post them in a thread when you get them.

I was looking at a Rushkit vid of the GTX 780 From Gigabyte and pricing was supposed to be 570-600GBP

I did find a website shortly after I posted. I can get a 780 for as little as 549.99. 569.99 if I want 3 year warranty. I only found one E-vendor with the 780. I might be able to get it cheaper on Amazon, when they decide to stock it. I usually save an extra £30-70 on that particular price point, given that I accidentally bought Amazon Prime membership. Best free trial turned paid sub I ever forgot to cancel. I get free shipping, too. Wooooo!

Man, if you're gonna do a 780 SLI you better get real artistic with it! I saw the EVGA ACX cooler version of the card and it looks preeetty snazzy to me. And is bound to run cooler than the stock version of the card. Which means, more room for overclocking with GPU Boost 2.0 which is now fairly dependent on temperature targets. 

And from all I've read, Nvidia's making it easier for people to overvolt these babies. Check out some the Z87 boards from Asus, btw. They have some pics up on their facebook page and I'm sure you'll find a bit of info floating around the net. Biggest thing I think is to see if Haswell's performance is worth it. Otherwise, I think Brendan will go bananas if you betray his 2011 creed. 

Brennan can go 'nanas if he wants!

I have seen the Z87s, but we do not know all the features of the Z87. As Logan pointed out, there are still many many secrets. And I actually dislike that cooler, sorry xD I won't SLi for a month or so. Though, I could afford it, I'm not going to spend all my money.

More E-stores are stocking the 780 now. £549 for Gigabyte/MSI/EVGA or any other brand. This is good news.

OP is going to SLI them, right away :o Which I don't think is a bad choice

Man, I'm really excited for you to get started on your build soon! You'll hopefully have a rig by the end of June and we can finally get to gaming! Have you started checking out other things like cases and memory, storage, etc?

Also, super jelly of OP. Can't wait to see some results!

Dude, I have been planning this build for about 7 months xD I never really had the cash, not until now. I couldn't have saved my money for a better time. I have used my money to take care of different things, building my mum an ITX system after the weekend. The money I have left over, that's for me, I need to treat myself. I had to sell my old system to make ends meet. Never had a GPU better than a 6950, and I used that on a TV! It looked horrible.

So yeah, I have different parts in mind. Case is likely to be a Corsair 600T. I'll pick up a HX series PSU, it is cheaper than the AX. 250GB Samsung 840, I might get the pro. That's my 1440p setup, with the 780. I do have a proposed 1080p setup, if I feel like saving some money. I will have this in early-mid June.

What games do you play Izrail? I might have to get a headset

Pretty much all this. I'm thinking about playing Borderlands 2 over the summer. Some other games as well. If you do a 1080 setup, you ought to go with a surround setting if it fits your budget. Other than that, two thumbs up for the 1440p build. I've got an AX850 powering my rig and its quiet, capable, 80+gold and modular. I'd really love to go to 1440p but I haven't seen many SLI 680 results yet. Might think over some of that stuff over the summer once my semester ends. 

Anandtech have a good benchmark feature. Here are the 2013 results for 680 SLI and 780. They test different games and different resolutions. If you want to see some older cards, you need to select the "2012 bench"


I saw that acx cooler, and i agree that it looks ugly. Aluminum>plastic. I should be going for this build around early june, as i have school finals now, and i need to satisfy my ocd and make the build as nice as possible.