780 sli or wait for 980ti

I have the 780 classified and I'm just wondering what you guys think, should I get another 780 for sli or wait til the 980TI comes out and sell my 780?

Hi, sli will not compensate for only 3 gig of vram as ram doesn add up in sli, there are some rumors related to directx 12 and vram stacking but it will take ages before they get implemented, and 780 will be old at that time anyway. It all depends if you have enough cash for 980ti, preferably with custom cooler.If you are not in a rush it might be a good idea to wait for new radeons.

Wait for AMD at very least you will get you green cards a little cheaper. At best you get a better card from a better company.

Well, you don't need to wait for the 980Ti, it came out today.

Well it's not really available yet. One place here has it on pre-order, estimated shipping date is june 12. Maybe the availability better over in the USA?

Are you going to get rid of the 980ti as well when a GTX 990 comes as well? if you feel the need to upgrade, just get a 980. and don't bother spending on the best. cause Nvidia will make you feel like you wasted your money. Nvidia is going to drop the price of the 980 to $500. so you are very much in luck