780 or 290x? Productivity and soooooome gaming

Heey duds and galls!

I've just watched "Build a Workstation PC - Our Dual Xeon Build and Guidelines to Help With Yours" and I was OUT OF THIS WORLD BUUMMED to hear that 780 is the way for AE. NOW, I use CUDA, its in-freaking-credible. I dont work in AE that often so i dont know what PRODUCTIVITY in AE is.., but once I get my new built, I will get into this and up my skiiiilz.
Now, i run my work on a Dell N5110, with i5 2450 turboed @ 3.2, wih 6gigs of RAM at immense 1333MHz, and 525m with all of its little 96 cuda cores.. (gets slooooooow most of times) Sometimes it would render a 5 min video for like 3-4 hours lol) and sad face but i've used to it)

I was bummed because I wanted to get a 290x cuz 4GB GDDR5 512 bit sound delicious + immense gaming potential. +32Gb of Hyper X Fury @ 1600, (i7 stock, not planning to overCOOK it)
Since OCL is not an option in AE my 290 will be pretty much useless?

Still, what would you choose?
290x or 780?

I want to have at least 4gb of VRAM (fkn crackV, I mean GTAV)
but 3gbs of 780.... psychologically sounds waaay less.

Dont have deep pockets, so budget IS important..

So, clear stated questions:

1 - is Adobe planning to add Open CL support to AE? (sorry, dont have time to search numerous forums and read throun pages of "well written" articles (Eng is not my native, so I get stuck sometimes..)
2 - If not, will 290x be useless?
3 - 4 is better than 3, but CUDA is better then NO CUDA, would you really SLI 780? or maybe something less expensive, that would amount similar performance of a 4, well, then 6Gb of VRAM and similar CUDA core numbers? (something with 3gb each?) SLI thing, that means hell bigger PSU, and pretty much double the price of a card.. dammit.. didnt see that one coming
4 - is there an alternative option? well, there is, what what is it?) Would i have to sell my future kinds to obtain it?
5. I don't game pretty much.. maybe TheRun sometimes, but I want to play GTAV on high-ultra at fullHD, will single 780 be able to take that?
6 - off topic, what does Logan do with his team? I mean, what kind of business? Their stuff is amazing. Having to build PCs, test them, live and work in an DREAM PLACE!!!!! How did they start?) huge windows and awesome gear! I'd like to do something similar but in Russian, because v-bloggers here don't give flying behind about GOOD, PRODUCTIVE|GAMING builds! They dont know this much! Only suggest most expensive parts and saying smart things here and there.. justifying it upon prices.

Green guys are good for productivity, but they are pushing prices!!( Dont like that(

Thanks for all help, really really looove this forum. Clean answers, good people, good recourse.
Best regards, truth, love and a 5950x to all!

So, been sitting and looking at stuff, looks like 780 can take on a beating in gaming..
Here is my setup, what do think? Tell me what can I improve to save cash, or what not:

Core i7-4790K (stock) + DEEPCOOL Frostwin
ASUS Z87-PRO (looks a-mazing with all features!!!) and cheap 2.
Kingston HyperX FURY black Series 16 gb (might get up to 24gb..) I like its low profile casing.. looks slick
Gegabyte GTX 780 tri-fans
Seagate Desktop SSHD 2 Тb
Corsair CS 750W Looks good in terms of specs, and for the price, i can get 750watt - optimal
Case DNS SA-W01 (I looked at in the store, and i liked its layout. PSU on the bottom, can fit watercooling radiator on the top, pleeeeenty room..

Before Id get the 290x... but I need CUDA(((
Is it solid?

Adobe After Effects and basically every other Adobe product now has OpenCL acceleration support. I would go with the 290x, personally. From what I've heard (I am a gamer, not an editor), the 290x is a beast for video editing.

EDIT: Also, considering what you are going to be doing, I would suggest that you get a xeon. Should save you a good bit of money, if you haven't bought the cpu already.

wow... stop... 8GB 290x????? Hoolyy moooother of GOOODD

I think that sums it up.

I have not bought anything yet... thus why I am here figurion stuff out) Thanks!!

Then I would suggest getting a xeon (something along the lines of a E3-1231V3) and putting that money towards getting a dedicated ssd and a storage hdd. If you can swing it, the SM951 or the Intel 750 series would be a good option for now and the future as those two ssds destroy everything else for the most part. Just make sure that the mobo you pick has an m.2 port (preferably a 4x one which comes on Asrock mobos) if you are going to go with an SM951.

How manny producitvity work do you do?
And what is your budget?

Considering that he is in Russia, pricing and availability might be hard to deal with.

Yeah, supposedly its in the works that AE would be making better use of OpenCL but first they'd have to introduce a replacement for Ray Traced 3D. Alternatively you could get a 3rd party render plugin from companies like Maxon, Copilot, Red Giant, etc. which would handle your 3D and utilize your GPU to a greater extent.

Unless you're doing 3D you're better off with a better CPU and lots of ram than a beefy GPU. That said SLI could be benefical if you're doing a lot of 3D work.

yeah a 5820k would of course be a nice "jack of all trades."
THats why i was asking for the budget.

I've heard about Octane engine, and RedGiant utilization, but never gave it 2much thought. A buddy of mine talked about it, but I've never used it myself tho.
I though "why spend 100+ bucks when I can get a good card (green duudes). As for 1920's answer about me being in Russia, the only problem I have, is only with the soket 2011.... and the v3 version.. There jutnot here!(
Tell u this much:
pricing in stores, in most stores is almost always 50% more of the original e-bay/amazon price, so 500 bucks would amount to almost 750 and so on, which is sad. In one good store we got AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLL kinds of 1150s, 55s, FMs but GOD DAMMINT NO 2011!!! Only one board for the whole REGION!!!!(((( (I mean one type in stores, and another for a pre-order-maybewewill ship it here).

Originally I wanted to get a 4820K and build the thing around that, but mobo for it costs as much as the CPU!!!(( which pushes me to a lower card. A LOT LOWER.. or less ram.. basically eats my budget away like crazy (since everything is way more expensive than on the other side of the ocean(here it is. I mean))
But last night I bult a freacking BEAST for juuuuust over one grand from amazon. Here it would cost me almost 1.8/9 thousand dollars..
Another weird thing, 5th gen everything (i7, plus DDR4, R9X 8GB and all that) will ship, but the god dammit socket 2011v3 WONT!!!!( WTH!!??
I mean broadwells are out for a while now, but there are no 2011v3s around!(( Maybe some kind of shipment problems?
Well, still have about a month or so till I get the money, so have time, even then no1's pushing me to buy anything. I guess I have time to wait..

P.S. Sorry for mistakes dudes, (was a bit in a hurry), but thanks for all support.

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