780 5760x1080


im looking a triple monitor setup and for the life of me i cant find benchmarks for the gtx 780 in a 5760x1080 display anywhere can someone please tell me if i would have a decent fps when playing even the most taxing games or should i go dual 780s. i was planning on waiting to buy the second one when the prices went down in the future but i will buy an extra now if need be,.  please help

Dude, Logan pushed three 1440p monitors with 2 way SLI 780s. 1440p is something like 1.75x 1080p.

I am sure you will be fine with a single 780 with your display configuration.

I use a single 780 at 1440p, and I max a lot of games with it, and I max my panel, too.

I can't promise you will max every game, but you will have a really good experience.