770s vs r9 280x

the 280x i am most interested in is the Sapphire Toxic, and if i end up needing to save a few bucks the DCU2.

As for the 770's the MSI twin frozr 4gb 770 for the extra memory, the galaxy 770 HOF and the asus 770 for the price point.

go r9 if you plan to only use 1 card, go gtx 770 if you want to possibly do sli. the new amd cards are having major crossfire problems but are stronger 1v1 with a gtx 770

Those so called "problems" are pretty much gone.

hmmm... i think i'll go with the 280x...


They perform similarly after both are overclocked. The extra Vram would be good for mods, go with the 280x.

Grab the 280x toxic if you can, it overclocks like mad, you can raise or lower the voltage in trixx!


i have the 280x by His.

i get

100fps avg on BF3

150-180fps avg on BLR

80-100fps avg witcher 2

60fps farcry 3

100-130fps Bioshock infinate



60 celsus max temp


i5 3570k 4.0ghz

8gb of 1866 memory

gpu clocked at 1100-1150mhz(smae performance)