7700K Reviewed at Toms

So Tom's Hardware got their hands on a 7700K Kaby Lake and put it through some benchmarks.

Results are pretty much as expected, higher clocks, seemingly same IPC.

This is the first intel launch where I see absolutely NO benefit in recommending the newer platform over the older one.

I have always been able to make bull shit excuses, but this time around the motherboards have 0 improvements and the only thing the cpu can really do is play netflix at 4K which IMO is the only reason anyone should consider this piece of shit.

I hope this was some gimped engineering sample they got their hands on. If this is what intel expects people to upgrade to, then they can go fuck their hats.

Save us Zen, you are our only hope.

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Still too soon for me to call out any opinions on Kaby Lake. Consumer Reviews is where its at.

It seems @Throbbing_Coil has already posted this. Sorry for missing that.