770 sli?

I want to be able to game on high to ultra settings. My question is do I get 2x770 (which I have the money for) or 1 780 or wait until I can afford a 780 ti. 

The 770 SLI performs the best out of the three options. I would go ahead and grab that instead of a 780 or 780 Ti. 

Thanks for replying so quick and I probably will get the 770. I was just thinking long term with the others.

From what I've seen my 770 is handling ultra settings @ 1080p pretty well. 

as long as there is sli support for the games you play then yeah, but i would just get a 780ti when they start making after market coolers for it, i bet msi will do a lightning edition witch will have 1200mhz core clock out the box

ive been getting nothing but issues with my 760 sli especially with all these new games that came out