770 release date?

Hey, i was wondering if anyone know when the 770 is comming out as i'm interested in buying 670 when the pricedrops hit.

All answers is much appreciated.




I'm keen to see what sort of affect this has on GPU prices for both brands. The 770/780 are both gona be priced above the £400 mark which is pretty much no man's land for AMD (they have literally nothing between this price point and the 7990 at a grand, so wont be challenging nvidia prices any time soon.)

 I think what this means for gamers is that nvidia have no real reason to drop the price of their current cards and instead offer them as a stepping stone to their hyped up flagship models.I could of course be wrong, and would love to see a 670 drop to 220 quid (I could SLI :D )but I'm just not that optimistic. All that said I'd be delighted to be mistaken. 

The msi tf power edition 680 have droped with $100 already, So i'm hoping on the same result with 670. Anyways, thanks for the reply.

That's interesting. Accoring to ukpartpicker the price of many 670s/680s have actually risen since March 1st

I wouldn't hold your breath. Across 3 generations of Intel CPU, there is very little price change. The old i5 is near the same price as the current, and the new i5 is going to be approximately the same price.

The level of inventory of the 600 cards has probably fallen, and like all things that become less readily available... they increase in price.

By all means, wait for the release of the 770. It is only a few days away. If you want a 600 card, buy a 600 card. There is never a correct time to buy, you can never truly predict the price fluctuations.

If you need a new video card, may I suggest the 7950. It comes with a really really good games bundle. Unless, there is a specific reason you require Nvidia?

Nope, However i don't have enough cash to throw into the current price of a 670, which is why i'm hoping on a pricedrop. so that i can get it.

The 7950 is cheaper, and outperforms the 670. It comes with Crysis 3, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, and Bioshock Infinite. I'm no means an ATI fanboy, I will be going Intel/Nividia with my next build. Honestly, how can you say no to the 7950? 0.o

Money mate, money, although does the msi tf 3 one also come with those games, because then i might be able to fit it into my budget.

Well, I think you're expecting quite a bit of a price drop. What's your budget? I'll happily recommend cards to consider, if the 670 doesn't drop as much as you would hope.

well my maximum budget is at like MSI N660Ti PE 2gd5/oc, However i just noticed that the 7950 is cheaper than last time i looked. so it might just go if i go down a lvl with storage.

Also, will the corsair gs700 watt psu be enough for a 7950 with an Intel 1155?

A single card configuration only requires 500-550W, even with overclocking on your CPU and GPU combined (yes, intel 1155). You could potentially crossfire two 7950s with 700W, providing that it is a good supply. The GS series isn't too bad, it is a nice middle-of-the-road PSU. Does it have any 80+ certification? bronze/silver/gold?

Honestly, you can pick up 7950s really cheap, even a really good brand with a good after market cooler. I can recommend some specific models for your region? I'd need a price, though. Generally, the 7950 is around the price of the 660ti, but the 7950 is the superior card.

It is bronze certified, and my region is europe, more specificly Denmark. and i'm thinking of the twinfrorzr 3 design, but if you have any other suggestions feel free. how ever i can't efford it being more expensive than the tf3 design.

The Twin Frozr 7950 is my choice of card! Really good cooler!

If you can afford that, you will be happy. I have seen the 7950 beat the 680 in some benchmark games. Hugely overclockable, higher bus, higher Vram. Really good buy, you will not regret it.

Don't forget to grab the Twin Frozr with that games bundle. That is a really good purchase :O

How do i find out if it has the gamebundle?

Go to any E-store (online), and it will often have the games bundle listed or pictured. The games bundle is called "never settle". Honestly, I'd pick the Twin Frozr over some of the more expensive 7950s. I was shocked it was in your budget, given the trouble you were having. That is a really good investment.

You can use the 7950 on higher resolutions than 1080p. It is generally a more capable card than the 670, because the 7950 has more Vram and other stuff.

Alright well cheers for the help mate, It was a tight fit into my budget, but it's just fine i think :D

With those games, it is a great buy. I have seen the 7950 beat the 680 at 1440p, in one or two games. This is by no means a "budget card". It just happens to be a great card for a reasonable price. Enjoy it!