760t unfamiliar front panel connectors

Hey all, first time poster.
I recently received my Corsair 760t case, and once I got to digging around in the case I realized I didn't recognize some of the wires attached to the front panel.

There is a sata power supply cable for the fan controller, and some fan headers coming off as well as some female pins that come directly off the front default fans. I guess I'm just double checking to make sure the fan headers attached at the top are meant to be plugged into the female fan headers coming directly off the two front panel 140mm fans.

The others that are unlabeled look like they will fit a 20 slot on the motherboard and usb.

Anyone built with this thing yet recognize the cables that are unlabeled? It's been 7 years since I've built a system from the case up, and apparently things have changed...

Thanks in advance,


I'm not so sure about the fan connectors, but the large 20ish pin one is USB 3.0. The other is USB 2.0. Then you have the front audio connectors, power and reset switch and power and drive status LEDs.

Is this the one that is unfamiliar with?

USB 3.0

Yes, I hadn't noticed the USB 3.0 connector. The others after digging around on the internet appear to be just additional fan connectors that I can attach to the fans if I were to top mount a radiator or more fans blowing out the top of the case, with them being slave to the fan controller on the front. I appreciate the helpful responses!