760k school gaming build

Corsair 200r case $60

Asus a55m e fm2 Mobo $45

Corsair cx 500 psu $50

Vulcan 8g 1600mhz $70

Amd Athlon x4 "760k" oc to 4.5ghz $90

Hyper 212 evo $35

Mushkin ssd 240gb $115

Asus r9 280 3g $230

Total $700ish 

Thoughts? If I got am3+ or lga 1150 looking at $100 more easily.

I'd drop the SSD and invest in LGA 1150. An Athlon is going to do a pretty good job of bottlenecking the 280 in a fair number of games.

That said, if you want to stick with the SSD and 280, I'd at least recommend waiting for the Athlon 860k to release, as it should be quite a bit more powerful. Also consider the Pentium G3258.

Interesting. can understand the g3258 and maybe the 760k but I don't think a 4.5ghz 740k will bottleneck much. Can you give me more insight on lack of bottleneck keeping it under $700?

The 750K and 280 would be pretty ok. Though, a 270 or 270x would be a little more balanced.

At the $700 price mark, you should consider an i5 or AMD equivalent. I configured an Intel build:


Reason I chose Intel, is because the mATX form factor is usually preferable for most people.

It is slightly over $700. I didn't pick a case, as it is quite a subjective choice. You can add a heatsink and additional RAM later.



AMD FX with just about everything included. Only a single 4GB RAM module. It is enough to start with.


Here is one with 8GB of RAM still, but if you're going to go with an FM2 platform I don't understand why you wouldn't get the A88X chipset and get the 760k and OC it.So I grabbed a good A88X chipset board and a 760k with a really good air cooler. This build is 20 bucks more than your original, still gives you an SSD and a 1TB drive with the 760k and an R9 280.



Edited Berserker's build to fit in 8GB of RAM at the cost of a cheaper case and cheaper power supply.

Thanks for the input guys. Great options just don't understand how a highly clocked 740k will be bottlenecking a 280. Usually in basic pc task and gaming gpu is always a step higher then the cpu.

Like to think i give good advice but don't mine getting schooled.


860k does sound nice just don't know the price tag.

The "760k", I think thats what you meant, can be had for around $85 USD and its just as good as the G3258 in gaming but has the added power for other things that require more cores. I'm using it in my current mITX build and I do some light video editing, photo editing, but mostly gaming.

*Edit* Regarding the 860k, I didn't notice the other reply."The Athlon X4 860K will be available worldwide this month with an MSRP of $84." -via TomsHardware. Not a bad deal if you were considering the 760k.

Meant the 740k. Believe with the right oc it will server well. Do take in account of the 760p after all its only $15 more.


That shows the significant difference between the 760k and the 740k. If the 860k is supposed to be quite a bit stronger, it might be worth waiting til the end of this month.

Agreed. The difference is worth the investment. Thanks for the post.

No such thing as a "740K".  The Athlon 740 is a non overclockable cpu.  Well, it's multiplier is locked, I believe.

+1 Now I look like an idiot, lol.

Makes two of us. Here I am posting without reading  the fine print. I'll adjust my thread


Can build a rig blind but can't give advice with out opening my eyes.

Personally, I would just spend less, and go with a R9 270 or 270x


This configuration is good enough to play most games on ultra presets, including BF4 with playable frames. Though, it wouldn't be a constant 60FPS.

Missing motherboard, as the choices on PCpartPicker were shit. You'll want to choose something with appropriate voltage and thermal protection e.g ASUS A88XM-PLUS

If you wish to spend more, I would push for an i5 processor. There are a number of cheaper, non-overclocking i5s you could choose.

Thanks. Question. How's the r9 280 worse then a 270x using a 760k?


Wouldn't gpu power and ok cpu be the better fit for gaming? That's what I always read.

My personal build is 8350 and cf hd 7970. You saying 4790k would be a better fit for my cf gpus?



I think the 760k and 280 would be fine, for the most part. The 760k will hold it back in at least *some* games. The 270x is a little more balanced.


It's your choice. As the GPU gets more powerful, it is advisable to bump up the processor. The 270x would be my personal limit. The 280 should be acceptable. You might consider the price difference. To choose the 270x, is quite a saving after rebates. The 760k and 270x should play most games on ultra presets.


If he decide to step up on gpu I'll suggest fx platform.