760 vs 7970

Hey guys, I am building a PC and am looking to be gaming and recording gameplay on it, but I dont mind long render times as I can leave it overnight. I am aiming to spend less than $320 US as I live in New Zealand and I will get charged import tax (15%) if my shipment costs more than 400 NZD.

Anyway, like I said, I was going to go with the HIS 7970 Ice Q X2 for just over $300, but then I heard about the upcoming shadowplay function for the GTX 700 Series cards and am now uncertain as to which card to go with. I have an FX 8350 so I dont think I will take too much of a framerate hit from 3rd party capture software, but what do you guys think? is it worth me saving $50 and going for a 760, or should I stick with the 7970? And what card do you guys reccomend? Thankyou!

Oh, I also do a little 3D moddeling work as well

I think I would personally choose the HD 7970.  It is the stronger card between the two, which is expected considering the price difference.  However, you also get 3 free games if you buy from Newegg.  This helps cut the price down to that of the GTX 760.  Oh and one more thing: you DO NOT have to choose your games right away.  I believe you can save it for a future bundle.  I would highly recommend doing this, especially if you are planning on purchasing Battlefield 4 or Titanfall.  Battlefield 4 and Titanfall are expected to be included in future bundles.

what moddeling software do you use?

a "TOTALLY LEGIT" version of Autodesk Maya 2013

I did not know that, thanks for the heads up!

from what i can find they have atleast decent support for both amd and nvidia, so i see no reason not to get the 7970

Cool, thanks for the input

yeah no cuda or opencl acceleration to be had in maya so get the better gpu. all there is is like furryball and maybe some random-ass plugin that you will never use.

Ok, so I think I shal go for the HIS 7970 Ice Q X2, unless anyone has another card that they would reccomend, just please remember the roughly $310 - $320 limit. Thanks again guys!

That is the one I would get.

Would this change if he was only doing gaming? Just curious?

I don't know why you would even ask, a 7950 is even a bit better than a 760, a 7970 is comfortably the better card.

I was just wandering if the difference between them was worth $50, considering the benefits of an nvidia card, such as physx, shadowplay, etc vs the raw performance of the 7970