760 2GB SLI enough for 1440p/4k?

soooooooooooooooo im about to upgrade my pc, but im not sure if i should add a second 760 or sell my current one (BUT I JUST BROUGHT IT 2 MONTHS AGO FOR 230 BUCKS W/O WATCH DOGS). Any ideas? worse comes to worse ill just keep my 760 for backup and get a single r9 290 (most likely vapor x).

I would rather look for a cpu, if your current one is the one listed on your profile. If you are going to change the cpu it would make sense to get a motherboard also, if you could afford it, because ivy bridge has the same prices as haswell refresh and newer is better in this case.

The 760 does SLI very well and when you're in a game that scales well they can be insanely powerful. The limiting factor I think in the end would be VRAM. Games are taking more and more these days and at the higher resolutions, especially 4K, you really need it. Remember, when you run a multiGPU set up you don't add the VRAM. The frame buffer needs to be identical on both cards. 2X 2GB=2GB, 3X2GB= 2GB ect...

That being said you'd need to upgrade the rest of your system too. The i3 will most likely bottleneck any multiGPU or even more powerful single GPU setups. 1440p and 4K especially really require a fast CPU and a low end dual core is def not that.

Plus, your current motherboard can't even run two GPUs. You have one PCIE 3.0 X16 lane. The other PCIE lane is a 2.0 16X but electrically is only X4. That isn't fast enough.

500W isn't enough power either.

You'll need a new CPU, a new motherboard and a new PSU first then worry about your GPU. Two 760s will be fine for 1440p most likely but 4k you need a lot more power. We are talking 780 Ti SLI stuff here...


ya guys this is my CURRENT build but im completely switching out everything. this is what i was thinking: 


i know all about the 2 x 2gb = 2gb thing, but what im really asking is if 2gb is "enough", possibly for at least ultra textures and no aa at 1440p.

No it's not, get something like a 780ti or dual 780.


You could use dual 760s at 1440p, but there's a good chance you will not be satisfied with it. The price of an additional 760, the value of your current 760, would take you close to an R9 290. That'd be a good buy.

get the i5-4690K instead The i7 makes no difference in gaming and adds unnecessary cost.

Why get dual 760s? You would probably be better off with a 780 or 290x (in the long run I don't think you will notice too much of a difference...some games will suffer, some won't) And if you where to go with a GTX780 or a 290/290x now, you would have the option for SLI/CF later on when you finally need more power (you can't upgrade from a Dual SLI and you would need to completely replace both GPUs)

...I'm just going to throw this out there- You only need 8GB of ram...unless you specifically are doing something that needs more...just more money you could throw to the gpu...

Dual SLI would give you more raw performance, but the 3GB/4GB from GTX 780/290x would be better suited towards 1440p+ gaming

mkay so i should sell my current gpu right?