750Ti dilemma


I need a new card to replace my aging 560Ti Twin Frozr II with an increasingly noisy fan.

I've been looking at either the MSI 750Ti GAMING (twin frozr) or the EVGA superclocked single fan...

So either a hopefully cooler and quieter MSI (with a VGA out? what?) or a single fan EVGA that i can't find a single review of but is smaller so may be able to be repurposed into a mini ITX machine when i have the money to properly build myself a new PC.

Any ideas? Try to choose between 2 different cards with the same GPU is strangely difficult :)

*EDIT* i also cant seem to find fan speed figures for either card...i know the EVGA FTX ACX doesnt go below 40% but i dont know about the MSI gaming or the EVGA SC...

(Also an MSI GTX660 GAMING was also a possibility but i decided against it)

I've had good luck with EVGA products so I can recommend them.

That being said I'd look at the R7 265. It is faster and can be had for around the same price.

This though:


R9 270 will stomp the 750 Ti and is again about the same price.

I know I'll come off as a bit fanboy here but...

I avoid AMD/ATI like the plague ;) But that's come from numerous years of PC and laptop repair in large quantities (10-20 a day) and having headaches with AMD kit day in, day out and practically none with nvidia other than their dodgy chipset with the 8600M GPUs on it...

Well okay that is a bit silly. But whatever you want...

Why not just clean the fan of your 560ti? Then save up for a mini gtx760 or as mentioned above a r270. As a 750ti although stronger than the aging 560ti falls short of the above midrange cards a fair amount.

Depending on the case for your future build gpu length restrictions dont really apply so much - case like the CM130 from Coolermaster for example can hold whatever card you could throw at it.

Regarding the fan on the 560, the bearing is gone so it's rattling/grinding noise.

And when/if i come to repurpose a 750Ti it'd go in my silverstone FT03 mini which has a 120mm (H60 2013) radiator at the bottom so can't have the card overly long else it'd touch the rad...

yep... small card it is then. 750ti now or this little 260x. But for the sake of gaming longevity the mini gtx760's are well worth the extra cash and overclock just as hard as their full size counterparts.