750i getting shitty reviews

as you know i was planning on buying a 750i motherboard (regular not FTW) paired up with a q6600 and i have been checking out the reviews on new egg everyday and they are not good now i am looking into another motherboard. any suggestions. heres the link to the 750i if your too lazy to go through all the shit lol http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188033

about 30% of reviewers said its bad, that is a lot of people, i would get the ftw.

i have no $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to afford the FTW maybe it goes on sale at tiger direct on black oops i mean pink friday i hope it does

Lol, pwned. Well this board is for people who's on a budget or wants to feel too cheap. Also, 1 user thinks that the onboard sound is not giving him 5.1 surround audio. Addon soundcard FTW!!! Only ASUS does that. Hopefully next year I'll be starting a new build if funding succeeds.=)

yep thats me im on a budget and besides i dont care for the 5.1 sound as i might buy a sound card in the future and my speakers are not 5.1

what is a TR board? one of the reviews said that and the problem with the ram

some people are giving really good reviews and some are not...

Simple just get the ASUS one then. only 20 more. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131232

any other suggetiosn if the 750i ftw gets cheaper i will go for that if not then the asus one


logans my man

Try to have a look at TigerDirect (or CompUSA probably) during Pink Friday. Maybe the price should go off 50%.


Let's give Albert a chance, shall we?

it dosent matter anymore im going for the core i7 for $150

Then get a Rampage II Extreme (really want this for my future build), or if you are on a budget, the DX58SO is the perfect option.

I thought you said you didnt have money you liar

he's probably buying it from TigerDirect during Pink Friday.

yeah but he has to get the board and all that too

i was going to get a q6600 price $180

750i board $130

but core i7

$150 cpu

$130 motherboard

and i need ddr3 ram which should be on sale

There's triple channel kits available at TD, but stack up some budget!

*Edit* Geeeeeeezzzzzzz, everything has to be at TigerDirect! How about Newegg for once.

its cause they have a big black friday sale. somethings are 50% off thats y

its cause they have a big black friday sale. somethings are 50% off thats y

its cause they have a big black friday sale. somethings are 50% off thats y

Just waking up this thread, made up your mind yet Sarge? After that Pink-with-blended-black Friday event.