750i FTW users, wtf just happened?

frank is afk so i'll post what i asked here:

3:52 PM - [§TÄ╚KéR]KOkun: you ever get a BSOD saying "Hardware Malfunction

3:53 PM - [§TÄ╚KéR]KOkun: Call your hardware vendor for support

3:53 PM - [§TÄ╚KéR]KOkun: The system has halted"

3:53 PM - [§TÄ╚KéR]KOkun: o_______________________________o

^what the hell just happened? it doesn't say a damn thing other than that. i'm ready to bomb the fuck out of nvidia and gigabyte.

0.o? your seriously having some serious problems

i really dont know wtf is wrong with your motherboards

Check this out. Idk if it'll help


lol yea i was reading that. and i know for a fact it can't be the cpu anymore, shit has been stable at 3ghz for days now.. even with an 11 hour straight prime 95 test:


so perhaps it's just randomly gonna piss me off while i'm doing something with that video corruption nonsense. gonna update the bios later..