£750 uk pc build

Hey guys i need ur opinions on this i have chosen this case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811124159 i would like to keep this case if possible the rest is up to you guys.


I will be using this for gaming rendering and video editing,i would like a amd cpu and i would like a os and monitor included in the build i want to play next gen games on 60-100 fps at ultra settings i would also like a modular power supply if possible and motherboard which will allow for expanding later such as crossfires etc.i will also be over clocking so a custom cpu cooler would be nice.


thx guys dont hesitate to ask anything


i had a go......http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Jexa/saved/2FB1



For 750 pounds a pc with monitor and os you won't be able to play at max settings with 60-100 fps. Just forget about that. 

What I have made for you is a build with the os and a monitor included for about 760 pounds:

click here

This is a solid build to play games like BF4 on medium settings with 60fps or a little bit more.

What you also can do is replace the 660 for an R9 270X from AMD if you know you'll need the stream processors.






EDIT: I've forgotten about the case. I think you should stick with tthis build (or the R9 270X for the GPU), but spend a little bit more to keep this build and get the case you want :P

Have you ever looked on scan.co.uk? on their daily deal it usually get an i5-4670k and mobo with a 2tb hard drive and the other parts like psu and ram for £400-500 and then you have £350-250 to spend on a graphics card and the os.

thx guys :)


Bro this bulid http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Jexa/saved/2FB1 will KILL Jacco's bulid.

Dont listen to him trust me :)

ok lol :) thx for ur imput

Haha like how you praise that build and I agree, it's a very good build, BUT: The minotor is a dirt-cheap 21,5'' monitor. If you want to game nicely, then I'd prefer a good monitor over a 5 fps boost. And that 7970 is from XFX. XFX is a very good PSU brand, but for the videocards, they're horrible. Not talking about their cooling, but the support. If something is wrong with your card, they ''test'' it and send it back saying the card works just fine. And yes, you can switch the 6350 to a 6300 with a better cooler if you want to. 

Just saying :P





7970 vs GTX 660!? Its like comparing BMW and Bugatti Veyron -.- and that cpu is like 6350 just down clocked.

You can overclock 6300 easly :D


I'm not trying to say he has to pick that 660 over the 7970. If he wants the 7970 or 7950, he should pick a videocard from an other brand like Asus/HiS/MSI/Sapphire


Coming from an AMD fan (Want the 8350 with R9 280X)

And whats wrong with XFX!?

XFX 79xx cards are HOT and loud and all of them apart from the black edition is voltage locked(not that you will be doing much overckocking on them as you allready have to run them at %90-100 fan speed)

And lol at a GTX660....NO 660TI? 760? Well this is cheaper than both and a good card (i own one) 

http://bit.ly/13QeXJU MSI HD7950 TwinFrozr iii OC  (i maybe geting anuther one there so cheap right now)

Allso those muskin sticks have been out of stock for weeks (dont expect them to be that cheap when thay come back in with  the crazy ram pricing right now)

And dat case why? you cant buy that from newegg thay dont ship here (and its a overpriced hot box)

ok cooperman....lol make me the best build u can u have £800 go !