£750 PC gaming rig, suggestions and Options

My build

this will hopefully be my build. I need a psu and maybe some part changes but it's pretty cool

GPU: GTX 760 at

CPU: intel core i3 at

RAM: Adata 2x 4gb

Case: Define R4


PSU: be quiet? What wattage. Modular not needed

HDD: WD Black

Monitor: benq

Keyboard: Microsoft

Must come under £750 and will it play bf4 on ultra, constant 40-60fps at1080p




Closer to what I would get. No point getting an i3 when you could grab an 8320 or 8350. The 8xxx processors are competitive with the Intel i5. So you can have it all at this price point.

Alternately, if you use the stock cooler in the meantime, you could stretch to a GTX 770:


+1 to this, or just extend your budget

I own an EVGA ACX 760, and i swear the cooler is from hell. At idle the thing runs too loud for my liking.

+1. if you can't stand the noise of the cooler or you think it runs to hot, you can easily upgrade to a 20 pound cpu cooler like the 212 evo. just make sure it fits with you ram and case.

Im set on the gpu what about a psu and alternative motherboard. As far as cpu that 8350 looks great but I havent seen the price yet. 

Man thats close to the budget. Ill be aelljng my laptop for £300 so I need £450 which os manegable in 3 months for me. 

Great open to more suggestions

Just looking at that card it's only 2gb half that of the gigabyte And the gigabyte is a simerlar clock speed. Can't see the advantage of the asus.

it's not about ram and clockspeed. 770 is better than a 760.


£25 over budget but looks a great option. Shame about the colour of the motherboard and ram, will look at changing that if possible without scarfing performance 

Keep in mind that your case has no window; so color matching your components isn't of a major priority.

That build looks pretty good.   If you really wanted to save some money, you could get a cheaper case.

I think that build looks excellent, Callum. You could save money, but we all appreciate colour matching and case aesthetics. If you don't colour match now, you'll be replacing parts later, which is something that I have done!

The define r4 I was looking at in my original post had a window. That was the idea to begin with. I can find some ram in the right colour under £10 extra. It's the motherboard, I don't   understand what's good, what's bad, what I need and what I didn't need. It's also something I didn't want to replace very often as it's a bit of a pain. 

Save a few Quid on RAM:


Save a few extra on the case, whilst still having a decent case:


Hopefully someone can add something else decent, with the money saved. Potentially getting a nice keyboard, or more importantly the PSU.

I am however jealous of the motherboard as I spent more on the G-45 model which seems to have very little on top of G-43.

I love the chassis I chose, it's perfect. The ram is good buts it's high and the cpu cooler is big. Not sure if it will fit

New Updated build, would like 2 new red fan for the CPU cooler and a few more in the case,identical to the provided ones by fractal design. A presume its push-pull not push-push then exhaust out the side because if the dust that would create. 

This new extended build also depleted my keyboard money so I'll have to stick with a old logitech mouse and a Microsoft keyboard



That motherboard is not entirely appropriate for the 8350. AMD motherboards come with various levels of power delivery, and the 8350 requires a good level of power. The board you have chosen is 4+1, and you really should consider at least 6+2

Here is a revision with the 8320 and a 6+2 power phase motherboard:


The 8320 is the same as the 8350, but it ships with a lower clock speed.

TBH I only changed because of the colour, and should I not bother with the 8350, I could get a better motherboard maybe even in the right colour. Is it exactly the same but clocked lower, I could always over clock to 4ghz?

That's correct. You can overclock it to very similar speed, or higher speeds. Results vary.