75 Hard Drives Scanned

I just pick up a lot of hard drives, and I thought I should share the findings to you....

Smallest one is 133mb. 


You have way too much time on your hands dude lol.  Well done :)

I had got many hard drives for free. So I am going to resell them online and I always test things out before I sell them.

I like to share my findings to people online.

o_0 Who wants old hard drives?

You'd be surprised hey.  On OCAU you'll see old drives come up every now and then and there's one dude in particular snaps them up every time, assuming someone else doesn't get there first. 

People where I am from also have old machines for there business, and look for these old drives. There is a local very well known pool cue maker that has machines from the late 80's early 90's that needs parts once in a while...