7200 rpm in Raid 0

Do you guys think that 7200 rpm drives in Raid 0 is a waste of money?

nope. not for me at least.

So u have 2 7200 rpm drives in Raid 0? I bought a WD 320 gb 7200rpm drive & wish I would have saved for a raptor but whatever :-\

...why would it be a waste of money? i run 2 seagates in raid 0, i don't trust WD after the experience i've had with them, sure lots of other people have had good ones, but 5 dead HDD's in 1-2week and 1-3 months period is way too many if you ask me, so they don't get my money anymore

i'd rather have that extra space space. if i wanted raid 0, i'd have raptors/velociraptors.. having two big storage hdds in raid 0 is eh.

I guess I assumed that it was a waste of money since whenever I read anything online about Raid setups it's always raptors and never 7200rpm drives.

i'll go ahead and say it's a waste. if you wanted speed, go all out on the raptors. if not, just enjoy the nice space the big hdds give you. plus it would hurt so much more having like a 500gig hdd in raid 0 and one of them dying on you.. that would just fuckin suck.

Hah...yup that would suck to lose all that data.

lol...that's exactly what i got, but after i installed it i was like, "....should of got 2 80's for raid then maybe a 750 for storage...."