70s, 80s, 90s Computers (Because I need to fax s*** on the go)

Where can I buy an IBM ThinkPad 700C PS/2 in working condition? I want one for school so I can piss off my teachers with their district funded iPads and computer illiteracy. Surely, one of you 90s throwbacks can help me.

Also, if you can help me find one of the huge, cumbersome "portable" computers from the Mid-Late 20th century, that would be great, because I need help in Calculus. XD (MUST BE AT LEAST 10 POUNDS)

On top of that, do "AT&T EO 440 Personal Communicator"s still exist? I need an iPad alternative to gift to a teacher (or keep).

Thank you for your time and your effort.

The proper name for a late 80's early 90's "portable" computer is a Dade Murphy Special.  Everyone knows that!  You kids today with your loud music, your Dan Fogelberg, Zima, Hoolahoops and Pac-Man Video games...  Have no respect for our generations' technology.  Completely disrespectful to us old 90's throwbacks!

Now get off my lawn whippersnapper!

Oh, and if you weren't completely joking, Ebay has always got plenty of old thinkpads.  The luggables will probably cost you though, they're collector's items now.  Go figure.

I actually really want to find the original IBM ThinkPad 700C PS/2 from 1992. I just love the aesthetics of professional computing machines; rounded corners and unibody aluminum are not for me. Also, I could very well use it in Calculus. I cannot find it on Google, pages 1 OR 2!!! Seriously, its a ghost.

I have some old IBM thinkpads in working condiiton. They are running windows 3.1. Im not sure the exact model number. One has a modem in the expansion port. 

I just trashed an ancient IBM portable where the "backlit keys" were lit from above with a bulb... I would have sold it to you if I had seen this first.

Great response! I knew this was the right place to check out.

Please post pictures of your older computers :)


I have an IBM L40SX in my collection. It's so old even wifi isn't an option. It has the most wonderous keyboard, however. Better than any laptop keyboard before or since. Imagine an insanely clicky--almost mechanical-- laptop keyboard. And boy howdy it's loud.

Unfortunately, it's a 386 so you'll be relegated to Windows 3.1 in 640x480 glory, or possibly Linux 2.0. It would be.. tricky.. to outfit it with some form of wifi. It's somewhat bulkier than the 700.

I've always wanted to retrofit one with modern electronics and the ipad retina display fits perfectly.. but I only have the one and I'm not going to mod it. Perhaps someday I'll find another.



Fear not Wendell, you can at least upgrade it to an ssd!


Assuming there is something like pci on this you could hack up a universal serial bus controller, buy a linux compatible wifi dongle like the wi-pi and viola.

No original components would be harmed and the system would live on in its former glory!

If it is bulky enough... you could drop in a mini ITX board or a modded NUC, coupled with a slew of smartphone batteries. Flex cables would be needed for the RAM and PCIE cards, along with a low profile heat sink or CPU fan, perhaps a Sandia Cooler when it comes out in the next F***ing century. It is a feasible venture. 


Y'all like linux on 386 based machines?