$700 silent gaming pc?


I just wanna know how noisy this build would be(overclocked), if it could be better for the money and how far i could overclock?

I would use this machine for gaming and also for programing running virtual machines, web/mobile development Visual Studio, SQL Server, Netbeans(java) and a little of image editing.

also wanna know if an Nvidia GPU would improve the performance with CUDA

*I already have a mechanical hard drive.


I'd do something more along these lines... the motherboard you picked out won't be sufficient for overclocking... while I'd like to upgrade the GPU to a R9 280, it isn't doable given the budget... if you use Adobe Creative Suite, it works better with CUDA acceleration, but otherwise I don't see any benefits to Nvidia given the programs you mentioned... the CPU cooler is as quiet as they come, while still giving excellent peformance... it looks awful, but the case doesn't have a window, so that won't matter... also, the Kingston SSDNow doesn't have the flash cards it used to... the Mushkin Chronos will be significantly faster....

the motherboard I picked have 8+2 power phases why won´t be enough? I have never overclock so I don´t know if I should look other specification in the motherboard, I know the chipset doesn´t have 2 PCIe 16x but I dont need it

That motherboard is fine. I'd reccomend you get an EVGA or MSI (the big fan edition) or Gigabyte nvidia gtx, they run cooler and quieter than most AMD r9.

thanks for your recomendation, somethimes is very hard to know if a videocard is noisy they should show db like the other cooling components 

I'm not a fan of Gigabyte's AM3+ boards... at all... I had a horrible experience with them in the past and the BIOS on them is godawful... that and I wouldn't put an 8 core on the 970 chipset... I get the powerphase can handle it, I just don't believe in it... IMHO it's $25 well spent for piece of mind with the Asus 990 board (and it's more modern, more features), but to each his own :P

And btw, there's nothing wrong with Sapphire's coolers... also, Asus Direct CUII are one of the best coolers on the market... lot's of people make good coolers... if I had to give fair warning, stay away from Powercolor and Club3D for aftermarket GPU cooling...

thanks for you recomendations =D anyway I am thinking the FX6300(if the price of the 8320 goes up)  could do the job but im not sure if it worth to save the money 

You might want to consider something else than the v300 SSD (intel or anything else seem to be better)


PSA About the Kingston V300 SSD(Probable foul play by Kingston)


This SSD is also good:


Here is how I edited your build:


I don't see the point in buying AS5 now, it's not as good as it used to be for current configs and the paste included with the xigmatek cooler is good. 2x4gb dual channel is better than 1x8gb

Also consider this video card, or any other branded r9 280. You'll have better performance with an fx 6300 and a 280 than with a 8350/20 and a r9 270.


This is what I'd recommend for you http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Q3yfnQ

It's honestly a much better build in terms of price:performance, compared to your original build.  The R9-280 paired with the FX-6300 will tear through any game or software you through at it.  Especially with that 240GB PNY SSD to help with loading times and in-general performance.

thanks i didn´t knew,I will change the ssd =D

I know 2x4gb dual channel is better but I forgot to say I have 2x2Gb so if I buy an 2x4gb I can´t upgrade

I'm not really a hardcore gamer so I don´t know if I would get the performance boost and I guess the FX 8320 would give a good performance for longer time

The spect tell me that the Prime SD1484 performs better (look worse, I know XD)

but what advantages offer the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3? I don´t need the 2 PCIe x16 but I really don´t know if is better in other things


the motherboard is good. the pro boards have 8+2 phases :)

Oh crap, sorry.  I posted the wrong build.  This is the one I meant to recommend http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Q3yfnQ

I would keep the motherboard, the SSD and the cpu cooler but I realized that I don´t need that GPU power I dont play a lot of heavy games and also my monitor resolution is 1600x900 (maybe change to 1080p) but anyway XD

Just laying this out there... cheaping out on your GPU is one of the most expensive mistakes you can make in a computer build... you WANT it to be overpowered for your needs upon purchase... cause they date the quickest... but hey, do what you do...

That being said, you may have been better off with the ::gag:: Gigabyte mobo over the ASRock board... from my experience Asus just cornered the market on AM3+ mobos... Intel is a completely different story... I don't have near as much prejudice there... but the AM3+ chipset Asus just hands down produces the most reliable models... (minus the LE editions)... I don't mean to be a fanboy about it, but I've built a LOT of AMD systems and settled on Asus mobos as a go to a while back after some bad experiences with other experimentation to fit budgets...

Anyways, as always, do what you do... it's always just my .02

thanks for your advice =D I will thing and maybe change the build later I'm a little busy