700 series release date

If it is to be believed...

[br]I had thought we would see news on the "Titan LE". Turns out that name was just a code for the 780, so I decided to spend this afternoon searching. Well, the internet appears to be up in arms about this news. Every website now determines we will see a couple of 700 cards at the end of May. Take it for what it is, I have never seen an exact release date posted elsewhere. Nvidias pricing strategy is still largely unknown.

they gonna be expensive... reference cards suck.... and the 7970,7870,7950 should do fine

this forum has made me an amd fanboy :c

Nvidias pricing strategy is you bend over and thay take you from behind ^^

But on the bright side.... the 600 series (which is still very good) will drop price (to some degree at least)

Also if there is anything this forum should have made you is an Anti Fanboy...

It is also true that many of the 7xx cards will be "rebranded" 6xx series. Still, I think this is better than waiting until 2014, I welcome any positive news. The 780 is the only card that really has my attention, because it is the only one that truly sets itself from the 6xx series. For example; the 770 has the same amount of shader units as the 680, it IS the 680, the only difference is the amount of Vram. Having said that, it is supposed to be a little better than the 680. No real reason to upgrade, unless you're building a new system, like myself. The 780 is supposed to come in a 3GB DDR5 and a 5GB DDR5 variant. There will be some difference in price. I would hope that the 3GB version would be in my price range.

One of the first leaked and authentic looking photos:
[br]Again, take it for what it is. However, I am pretty bought in, I'm expecting the refresh to occur this month!