<$700 PC Build

Here is a PC that I built for a friend as a his first PC. I don't know for sure, but this could play Battle Field 4 at high settings around 40-50 FPS, just to give an idea of the power. The price does not include the OS, but you could find deals for windows 8, and get the windows 10 pre-release.

The parts list,

Prices and availability may vary, many of these things can be changed to suite your prefrences

-AMD FX-3600  :~:  6 cores, 3.5GHz  :~: $80

-EVGA Nvidia gtx 750ti  :~:  2gb gddr5 ram  :~:  $130

-A-Data XPG V2  :~:  2x4gb of ram, DDR3-2400  :~:  $85

-Gigabyte GA_970A-D3P  :~:  AM3+, USB 3.0  :~:  $80

-Western Digital Black  :~:  3.5" hard drive, 7200RPM  :~:  $70

-NZXT Phantom 410  :~:  ATX, Mid tower, USB 3.0  :~:  $90

-Corsair CSM 450W  :~:  80+ Gold Certified, semi-modular  :~:  $60



-Crucial MX100  :~:  128gb, 2.5" SSD recommended  :~:  $70

-Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO  :~:  CPU cooler recommended  :~:  35

-LG UH12NS30  :~:  Blu-Ray,DvD,CD reader writer


Price with optional items~$660

Price WO. optional items~$525


If you are a lazy person (like me) then feel free to use this link


To a site that shows all of these parts to build a pc like this


Hope you like this build, and feedback is much appreciated,



Here's what I recommend: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/vc7QhM

It has a faster graphics card with the new DirectX 12 API - improves performance mostly by reducing CPU bottlenecks. It behaves similarly to Mantle, those performance gains will be most dramatic in CPU-bound systems whose processors aren’t as potent as their graphics capabilities. PCs running modern processors should also see a boost in performance, as both AMD and Intel have been striving to improve their integrated graphics chops in recent years to offset slowing gains in CPU performance. In this case, you're pretty good with your AMD FX 6300.

You can always buy an SSD later.

source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2690788/windows-10-will-woo-gamers-with-s...

Here ya go: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kKGpFT

It is similar to Sardineboy's list, your case is a bit pricey, and it has the "my first PC" look, it is still a great case if you want it and looks are subjective so thats up to you, also you don't need a WD Black drive, you won't get a large benefit from a black drive over a blue. Also the 750Ti is a good GPU but it may not quite be the best choice for BF4, good yes but the 280x/285 is a better choice plus BF4 is an AMD game.

I recommend getting the 270x instead of the 750ti. The 750ti is a great card yes, but the 270x could handle bf4 on ultra(without anti aliasing) and the 270x is only $30 more. Either way great build man.