$700 Overhaul?





Video Card, Nvidia prefer.

Case, this is preferred: Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus

Two fans.



Budget: $650-700

I live in America, and prefer Newegg and Amazon.

Perirpherals are not needed.

I'll be gaming at 1600x900 and doing some rendering with Premiere. 

I won't be overclocking drastically, just maybe like 200Mhz.

I need an OS.

I won't be Bitcoin mining.

I prefer max settings, but will take a notch below that.

I play at 1600x900.

I play all sorts of games, mainly games like Skyrim and Saints Row the Third.

I will be mainly playing Saints Row the Third. 

I prefer to use Premiere to render.

I'd prefer a 100gb+ SSD.

I'd also rather have an Nvidia GPU.


Here's the build I have in mind: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1gqoR



Do you have a platform preference?

I was thinking a 660 ti instead


If you mean GPU, Nvidia. If you mean CPU, AMD. I don't entirely know what you mean.


Any possible way to fit in the budget?


For the CPU, you could go with the 8320.  Still a powerhouse and will overclock like a demon.

You can't go wrong with any of the 990FX offerings from Asus or Gigabyte.  Stay away from the 970 chipset boards because not all of them will support the 83xx series CPUs as well as not having 2 or more PCIe x16 slots that actually operate at x16 to support SLI or Crossfire.

Basicaly, buy the most motherboard you could afford.

The 660ti is a nice card but it'll be tough getting it in budget.  Maybe the regular GTX 660 would be a more attractive option.  Alternatively, you could get a 7870, which is cheaper than the 660ti and if you overlcock it, will outperform it.  I think your budget will be putting you in the neighborhood of a 650ti or a 7850, cards that will be able to game at 1600x900 maxxed out without too much trouble,

Have you all completely forgot about the GTX 760? It's cheaper and faster than the 660 ti.

Never buy launch products, I've heard some horror stories already about high temps and glitchy graphics from the new production runs of GTX 760s.


I'll add an edit here to explain that 90% of real world scenario driver bugs and hardware issues happen within the first 2-3 months of a product launching. This is why I would not recommend grabbing any product, no matter who it comes from, within the first 90 days of it being on the market. Typically by 180 days they have the product mostly optimized in drivers and firmware updates which is why I recommend waiting at least 6 months after a product launch before seriously considering it as an option for your system.

If you need the SSD here's a build with it http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Killerfrenzy96/saved/1XSR. I would suggest not getting one and putting the money in a different graphics card.

Just drop out the SSD and you could have a dope setup. A little more money could do a lot. Like 7870/6300 or something.

Reason that I want an Nvidia card is to do priemere, photoshop. The Cuda will help load times.

You said your budget was $700.m Add the $100 you have left over to the CPU budget! This will benefit you massively, as the phenom 2 x4 965 isn't the newest or the greatest chip. You can pick up the all- new intel Core i5-4670k for $200 at microcenter (although only in-styore pickup) So THIS is what I recommend.

And check out the CPU boss score HERE

I hope i was of help.