$700 or $800 Gaming PC

My friend is buying a gaming PC for either $700~ or $800~ so I'm asking for you guys(and gals) to help me make him two parts lists for each budget.

Except there are a few problems, he insists on having intel because he believes AMD is unreliable, he thinks that having 16GB will increase his performance on his PC rather than a stronger GPU, he believes that a higher MHz/GHz will improve his performance better than having better architecture, and finally he is putting most of his money twoards a better CPU and RAM rather than put the money into into the GPU.

(Also could some body care to explain to him why having higher frequency RAM won't improve his performance in gaming and ingeneral use?)

$700-ish AMD

$800-ish AMD

$700-ish intel

$800-ish intel






I'm sure he can tell that the 7950 is better than a 7870XT so that rules the $700 build in AMD's favor, and you can't OC the intel build so that rules the $800 build in AMD's favor