$700 Laptop For College?

I'm looking for a laptop with at least a core i5 processor and a touch screen for around $750. I'm also looking for one that offers at least a 2 year accidental warranty on it.

In total I'm planning to spend around a $1,000

I refuse to purchase anything from HP, or Toshiba, as I've had horrible experience with these brands in the past.



i would buy from Asus, just specifically no
HP or Toshiba

Maybe the Asus UX303la with the Microsoft discount.

So I'm in the same boat as you, and I found the dell Inspiron 5000 15 advanced, has a great i7 option with a 1tb hard drive windows 8.1, 8gb of ram, and a geforce 920m with 4gb of memory, for 700. 15.6 inch screen and 802.11 ac. relatively light and personally I think its one of the best budget optitons available. I'm currently selling my precision m2800 so I can get some extra cash and purchase this as a replacement. Though it doesn't have a touch screen it's still a pretty great option.

However if touch is a must this line of products has touch options. I only recommend this because of the decent onboard graphics option.

I was going to recommend my laptop or my buds but mine is hp and his is toshiba... Man, what went wrong if you dont mind me off topic?

I ended up getting this, Dell Inspiron 15 i5548-4167SLV Signature Edition Laptop

15.6-inch Full HD touchscreen
Intel Core i5-5200U
12GB memory/1TB HDD
Intel RealSense 3D 1080p camera


My dell xps 13 developer edition was $850 after I asked for a discount. Man up and learn Linux and it's a great buy.