$700 Gaming/Streaming/Editing build

I have been going on lots of forums and taking advice on what to buy for my new mini-ITX PC. If you are wondering why I chose a 760, its because of CUDA. I use AE and Blender and they dont support OpenCL.


id recommend the gigabyte or asus variant of that card I'm running the gigabyte version and its a great overclocker. also dont want to go mid atx case? im assuming a portable build?


The MATX version of that case is $30 more expensive. And the PNY version is the cheapest one I could find and it looks sleek and nice! 

If you're going to be overclocking, get a motherboard with a Z87 chipset.  If you're not overclocking, get the non-K version.  I would prefer Ivy bridge over Haswell for SFF builds as they produce less heat overall.  Everything else looks decent.  I don't like that case as it's kinda big, but if you like it, go ahead.  I'll stick to my Fractal Design Node 304 <3

If you can fit a 4670k, a 760, 8GB of ram, and a z87 mobo in that price range($720>) not counting discounts and mail in rebates then be my guest.

Just pointing out that getting the K version of that CPU won't really help because the motherboard you picked isn't really capable of overclocking...

I'm also thinking about this but I won't get my portability and I'll have to use my old antec case


But then that would ruin the idea of getting a broadwell i7

Eh, if you don't have a Sandy-Bridge CPU and that MoBo needs a BIOS update, you might be slightly screwed.

And the eXtreme Power Plus line of power supplies are absolute rubbish.  If you search that line up, everyone hates it.  I've purchased one before @550w, and it spewed out hot air like a heater.  They're made with low quality components and are often not capable of handling their supposed output.  A Corsair CX500 would be a lot better.  I personally have the XFX PRO550W power supply, which is based on a Seasonic design.  It runs incredibly cool, quiet, and has no coil whine.



well if you get a i5-4670K then at least buy a Z87 i board. you want a mini itx system. also an i7 would be a realy bump up in streaming. but thats not gonne fit your budget unfortunatly.

Probably your best way is to re use your old case. i dont know which psu you currently have?

Not using old case its old and really bad. My PSU is an old dynex D: and I think I am going to go with an amd 6300 it is better for my budget and I will be able to add an ssd to it.

Well if i may give you good advice for streaming and editing, buy a AMD 8 core. FX8320 or FX8350. those extra cores come realy handy in streaming and editing. will be a big performance gain. i dont know if you allready have a HDD?

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2306g Best i could do without storage. you could choose to use the stock cooler, and trow in a kingston hyperX 3K SSD. but i would recommend to  buy  an aftermarket cooler someday.

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