700$ gaming rig

Hey guys, new gaming rig for 700$ that i tried my best to put together and ill be actually buying one sone leave your thoughts on the build.


I did not put a optical drive because im sure you guys can scavenge a optical drive from a old pc.

You need to reconfigure this build. the processor you have selected is trash, and your motherboard will be no good for overclocking. I would look at getting a MSI 970A-g46 motherboard and an fx 4300 processor.

i didn't thik about ovecloking because my cpu cooler will not keep the cpu cool if its higher than 4.2 ghz, but thanks ill change some stuff around to a 6 core like a fx 6100.

I was not specific enough in my first post, sorry. bot of the CPUs you have proposed use the old bulldozer arcitecture, you should buy a newer "piledriver" processor. you can tell the difference by looking at the model number, the second digit will be a three. So, you should be looking at an FX 4300 or FX 6300 instead of an FX 4170 or 6100.


here is a better build, it will perform better, cost less, and you will be able to overclock.


Is this suppose to be a build you're doing, or you telling us this is the best 700$ build? It's not very good..lol.

i would say both