$700 Gaming/Rendering/Streaming PC

Well basically as the title says I'm looking for a ~$700 PC that can handle gaming, rendering, and streaming. I'm thinking AMD will be the choice as its cheaper for about the same performance. Also, I will leave a list of my current pc specs to see if I should by chance reuse any of the parts. Also, I would like an SSD for the added performance.


CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1045t (6 cores @ 2.70 GHz)

GPU: Radeon HD 5570

RAM: 8 Gb of some random generic 1600 mhz. (2x4)

HDD: 1 tb. Don't know the exact brand

Mobo: Needs upgrade.



Let me know some ideas of builds please!

which software do you render on? and also do you wanne  use parts from your current build? of so which parts do you  have like psu and case and storage? or do you wanne have a complete new build?

that CPU is still just fine for gaming, rendering will it does lack a bit but if you can work it so things are pressed to the GPU then all you would need a is a good GPU and your system is still fine.

Some after effects, vegas. Also streaming with OBS/xSplit.

PSU is very low powered. Surprised it even runs my current build. I want a new case. Would like it to look nice, but doesn't have to be super expensive.

Also any parts that can be reused will be reused. I plan on keeping the HDD so that could either be left out or another one could be added

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1ZWpV about $700, take out the HDD if you want.

i made this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1ZWFC

This is realy a decent setup, the AMD 8 core realy kicks ass in streaming with xplit, so does the Radeon 7950 on open CL rendering.

Re use  your current 2x4 GB 1600mhz ram and your HDD´ you can upgrade to an SSD and more storage later on if you like.

Grtz angel ☺


The 8 core CPU will help a lot in rendering and streaming.

I use the exact same power supply.  It runs quiet and cool in my Mini-ITX build.  No coil whine, either :D.