£700 Gaming PC Build


I've designed this build over the course of the last week or so to keep with a budget of £700. The build is focused around gaming. 


Any thoughts? Suggestions for improvements? 

Pretty much spot on, but the i5 2450p is pretty outdated now. I'd get something like an i5 3330, or maybe if you could strech, an i5 3570(k).

Other than that, it looks good!

I see you're not particularly interested in overclocking the CPU. The mobo chipset is pretty appropriate, allows you to use the stock CPU cooler. Saved a bit of money there. The i5-2450p has a higher stock clock than the i5-3350p. However, the 3350p is cheaper, and because it is 22nm (not 32nm, like the 2450p) it will be more power efficient. It will produce less heat, that is something to consider in a small form factor chassis. I think the difference in stock clocks is rather small, and therefore, negligible. I'd rather save money on the CPU, and then use that to buy a cheap SSD for your operating system. Your system will be a lot faster with that upgrade.
[br]The other thing that jumps out at me is the PSU. Corsair are good, but their CX series is pants. I'd recommend an XFX 550W bronze rated, non-modular power supply (£53). Non-modular supplies are more appropriate for the Prodigy chassis. 550W is all you need for this CPU and GPU, and it should still leave plenty of headroom.
[br]You're going to have plenty of fun with that 7950

Taking what you've said into account this would be the new list: 


Could you recommend me a good budget SSD please?

Thank you for your help you've been great.  

The 2450p has a higher stock clock, but the 3350p is a newer architecture. A 4.8GHz 2500k is about the same performance as a 4.4GHz 3570k. Same is for 2700k and 3770k etc.

It's whatever you can afford, to be honest. 30GB is only enough for your operating system. Just pick a good brand like Corsair, Crucial, Kingston. Intel and Samsung make the best SSDs, but they might be a little bit out of your budget. Just get a cheap one for the OS, as I said, then get another SSD (120-250GB) in future for some of your games. I promise you, you won't see very many loading times when you load games/programs from a good SSD lol.

That's what I meant to say. You're spot on. Anyway, I think he has done the right thing got a pretty good rig, with it being an ITX for £700. Quite a neat little thing

True that! I'm a huge fan of ITX builds! Great for LANs and possibly even building a redering pc in it and take it with you everywhere to just be able to make videos everywhere.

I have had a look through some SSD's and picked out two that I like the look of. 

#1 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B007ZWLRSU/ref=redir_mdp_mobile?tag=pcp0f-21

#2 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B004W2JKWG/ref=redir_mdp_mobile/278-7277281-2360166?tag=pcp0f-21

Any ideas on which is better? And how much more could I do with a 64GB Over 32GB SSD? 

Yeah, I really like the Bitfenix Prodigy. I wanted to build my own rig with it. I keep getting told off by other people, because the top end of my budget is like 1800-2000, they keep telling me to go socket 2011. I almost wish I had 700-800, so I could build something tasty like this haha

Sorry, I did not see this post. Honestly, 64GB is only your operating system and one or two games. Games tend to be quite large in storage capacity these days. Better to go cheaper, and then add the extra SSDs at a later time. Most enthusiasts and gamers with a higher budget would buy 250GB of SSD storage. Even 120 would get eaten up pretty quickly. The price you pay for a 64GB SSD, you may aswell have put that to a better i5 CPU, like the 3570K, or a slightly better 7950, like the Twin Frozr from MSI