$700 Gaming/Editing PC

My friend has $700 to build a PC that will be used for gaming and video editing so I made this list of parts.

Any recommendations for a better build? Also the price must be BEFORE mir

For video editing, i would recomend an Nvidia card.  Having those CUDA cores is fantastic when encoding.   Also, get dual-chanel memory kit instead of that one 8GB stick.  pick up a 2x8GB dual chanel kit instead.  

Do not go amd for editing, I'll have a build up momentarally, I also firmly believe MIR is a load of crap

which is more important, gaming or Editing


Whats wrong with an FX6300 for editing?

He isn't going to be using video editors that take advantage of cuda so using a nVidia card doesn't make too much sense

Intels underlying Architecture simply make it much better at editing than AMD.

AMD is king at budget Gaming, but Editing is Intel's domain

for example a 8350 vs. a 4770 or its cheaper xeon counterpart


well i persoanly think that its also a bit depending which software you using for editing, but yeah a i7-3930K will indeed distroy any amd in editing ☺

i would pickup a FX8350 or FX8320 for editing. it probably a bit slower (not much!) then an i7 3770K but that cpu is still twice the price!

This build is going to be mostly for gaming with small video editing

that's why you get the xeons which are not too much more expensive than the 3850

alright I'll make a more gaming in mind rig in a bit

great for gaming and decent at Editing

3820, 16GB of ram, 7870Ghz Ed. 1TB drive