$700 Gaming Build

Looking for some ideas on a 700-750 dollar gaming build. It will be my first ever PC, after coming from a family iMac and Xbox. 

 Oregon, USA. Fine with any website. Sadly, no Microcenter around here. 

Periphials are not needed.

I do require an OS, bringing the hardware budget down to ~$610-$660. (Not so comfortable about pirating.)

I'm looking to play games like Starcraft 2, Arma 3, Skyrim, WoW (not graphics intensive, I know) and others at reasonable settings. (Medium to High)

Not biased towards any hardware, though I have read that Nvidia makes a better card for gaming purposes. Correct me if I am wrong!

Thank you for any help, I'm excited to get into the world of PC gaming.

Here a build i did for you. The only reason i chose the 750w psu is because it is on sale.


Its not true about nividia cards being better. There some cards that are better than others. Its not like one card company is better than the other the whole time. The last generation nvidia cards were better when they first came out. But new drivers come out for amd and they made the cards perform better than the nvidia. Now the 7970 can beat the 680. The 7950 with a good overclock could even get to the same performance of a stock 7970.

The only real bonus to a nvidia card is physx and it performs better in some editing programs.

I like that build, thanks for giving me something solid to work with! Also, thank you for clearing up my

graphics card question. Now I can be less biased then I was.


I would reccomend a tempest 410 instead of the source(which I have built with) the extra inch behind the motherboard and the cable routing options for a few bucks more is well worth it, especially if it is your first build.