$700 CAD Budget Gaming build

I Have a $700 CAD budget so the build has to be around $600 with shipping because tax is 13% here. I plan on buying all items from NewEgg purchased from them in the past and had no trouble. The case in the build is not the one i'm getting just a there to account for the price going to use Thermaltake Core V31. I plan on upgrading my gpu in 3-6 months. i have no preference Intel or AMD. Some of the games i play are The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and GTA5.

I know the FX series is getting old but its $135 and i may be able to get the FX 8350/8320 when i rebuild my wifes pc and give here the 6300


and if you add about 20$ CA:

hate to say this but 700 is slim pickings. can you do 900 .. because an i5 is so much better... than even an 8350 for the most part. that and a good graphics card helps

Yea i dug a little deeper into my pockets and went with http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/jmbjdC new graphics card will be in the new year. I thing it was worth the extra, let me know what you think.

Hmm go XFX for the PSU.. i think they are cheaper.. LET ME SEE if I can get you a better build here... Not skylake because ddr4 is expensive

I got the CX600 for $79 - $20 rebate = $59

Oh you already have the PSU?

ordered all about an 2 hours ago, i hope it works good

I hope it does too.. I was looking into it. MSI motherboards are not very nice but if your not overclocking you should be fine.. GOOD thermal paste... good choice of CPU... I think you could have gone with a better ssd.. just a little extra for an 840 evo would have been well worth it.. gskill is good ram... not gonna judge the case.. thats a personal thing.. other than that pretty good

i want to get a 500gb ssd down the road will be looking at better quality then, figured any ssd is better than my current hd. i dont plan on doing an oc yet wont need it with a r9 270x. planning on a new gpu in the new year around the time my wifes pc gets upgraded so i may give her this mobo and get an asus one then that's built to oc.

if this is a stop gap between a get it done rig and a great rig.. then this is moe than enough.. seriously though here are some tips when it comes to getting motherboards.. ASROCK is basically the new ASUS
Asus is still good.. they just have gone for aesthetics for a while and that has caused some dissent. Uhmm MSI is probably the worst when it comes to VRM quality and overall quality of the motherboard.. gigabyte is pretty solid. But yeah next time around shoot for ASROCK or Gig.. they are very good motherboards.. GIG has a shitty UEFI in comparison to others though

Looks real good imo, in a year or 18/24 months when the gfx card lags a bit you can upgrade just that. I don't see the 4690k going out of style for at least 36 months.