700$ Build

Hey, need your opinion on a build, I already have an hdd and case and I wanted to check if this parts are ok if not what can I change, also do I need to overclock the cpu or would it work ok with the gpu. Thanks!


it's good build i don't think you gonna need overclocking it's 6-core CPU maybe a 600 watt PSU will be better

No need for that powersupply, just get a CX600M.


promo and combo discounts put it right at 705.00


same psu but with xfx's name on it. 8320 and a motherboard you can easily overclock past stock 8350 performance with the right cooler. Went to 2x 4g sticks because of dual channel support. 

+1.  Great build, and that PSU is awesome.  Stupid cheap right now, too!