$700 build

First time builder here, and I've been working on this build for quite some time. Before I buy it, I just wanted to check in with the forums to see if I'm bottle-necking and or using bad parts.


The total on newegg with taxes comes up to $680. I can't think of anything else i'd add to it. I don't need a case fan (the Illusion has four of em in it) and I'm going to save up for the Xigmatek Dark Knight II to get later. '

Let me know what you think!

all looks good!

Where is your Hard Drive?

Looks good, but you're probably not going to be able to overclock too much with that motherboard.

Also, you can get a 7870 XT from Powercolor for the same price as that vanilla 7870. I probably wouldn't go with that case either. It looks nice on the outside, but it doesn't have very much cable management and the inside isn't painted.

Not to mention that you could grab 8GB of ram for about $15 more.

These are the changes I would make:


By the way, where is your hard drive or ssd?