$700 build for a friend

So ive been playing around all day trying to get my buddy setup, he wants to go AMD, so ive been using that awesome Athlon 750k, but i still have troubles once  i get to the GPU, if you girls and guys could help me out.

He needs a monitor aswell.

He would like to be 500-700 ish range

Needs to be able to play BF4, He would like to get into Bioshock infinite.

Canadian pricing would be fantastic aswell.

And thank you very much for any answers!




$714 as of posting. This will do the job very well.


He mentioned the AMD 750, so I'm assuming he already has the CPU and he's going to use that in his build.

You can take everything in that rig, minus the the AMD 6300.  That would save $100, and then he can put that towards a more powerful GPU and still be within the budget.


 Much, much better GPU and only $705

$718 ( US Dollars sorry :c ) but, still an awesome build ( if i do say so myself ^_^ ) 

Here's the link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2ARCX


+1 Rep. I recommend this one over the one i built. Good Job Dude (or girl) ! 

NICE, very good build for the money.