700-750W PSU suggestions

Which ones would you recommend?

(Budget: 90 Euros)

Try the Seasonic Focus+… Seasonic are about the best there is and the Focus + series is Gold rated with 10 years warranty…
However EU pricing varies massively from country to country, so this may easily be outside your budget…


Thanks, found it for a 100 and bought it.


Check back with Seasonic, there a few Problems with the Focus Series on some hardware.

Yours might not be affected since they mentioned a manufacturing date somewhere, but better check then well crash.

That’s true… The issue is Focus+ 550W PSU and some specific models GPUs and what not cards… But the issue is limited to specific 550W and GPU models combos.

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Perfect, then I just simply didn’t get the specification to 550w. Actually makes sense now :slight_smile:

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Seasonic sellout, honest its w/e just get something 80+ Gold imo