700-750$ Gaming PC


So my friend called me today and asked me to find the best gaming PC for 700-750$, so go ahead post the best option for this price range, he said he only wants to game and has no intention to make videos or do any other content creation.

By the way, we live in Lithuania so some parts may not be available here, for reference please search for that part here: http://www.skytech.lt/    That's a lithuanian pc part site if you can't find that part here then tough luck - we don't have it in our country.


I am going to assume no overclocking.

Google Chrome doesn't want to translate that page either.

General Specs:

i5-4440 or higher

8GB of DDR3 RAM.  2x4GB is preferred.

R9 280 or 280X for the GPU

Corsair 200R or NZXT Source 210 for case

Corsair CX500w or CX600W for PSU, or XFX 550w, or any Seasonic power supply >500w

1tb Seagate Barracuda or 1TB Western Digital Blue

B85 or H87/H97 motherboard that has good reviews.  Asus, MSI, and ASRock should be good picks.

Are you sure going haswell is good? Of course no overclocking with haswell chips in my mind.

I am pretty sure.  If you plan to overclock, AMD's FX-8320 and FX-6300 are not bad, although will probably need a decent amount of overclock to match a haswell i5.


I would recommend the NZXT source 220 for the case because it has a mesh front and that means better airflow. Or the NZXT Source 210 ELITE if you want a plastic front, it has USB 3.0 and an extra fan (compared to the regular version).

And AMD is going to launch the 285 in a week (on the 2nd)... you might want to wait for that to happen.


No hard drive, real smart...


Anyway to lower the price to around 2100 LTU?


Please don't change the case if you can.


magical storage devices.

I changed up the parts a little bit and managed to get it to 2100 LTU, what do you think? Is it worth going haswell purely for gaming? Or should you just stick to AMD's FX line?