7 monitors - many pixels handle it!

Hi all,

I'm sitting with (I own these monitors.):

x4 Dell UltraSharp U2715H (2560 x 1440)
x3 Dell U3415W (3440 X 1440)

I have them configured as show below. I'm waiting until 2017 to pull the trigger on any PC parts to see how things shake out with AMD.

I want to solve/answer/provide the following:

  • My setup is productivity 1st and gaming 2nd.
  • Would x2 1080's (non-sli) push this many pixels? I'd prefer a single PC solution. I'm looking at one video card per "bunk" (see below).
  • When not doing work or school, I play Blizzard games (mostly WoW).
  • I do not need "Ultra" settings in games. As close to 60fps as I could get would be great.
  • I'm looking at multi-boxing with ISBoxer (Yes, I did check the EULAs and Blue Posts, and as far as I can tell boxing acceptable in both WoW and D3).
  • I NEED gobs of ram for my work and school projects.
  • I have a 10gbe network for pushing around data.
  • I program in various languages. Mostly work with Visual Studio and MS's version of R doing analytics work. I want to move into applied Deep Neural Networks.
  • I'm looking at OPENCL/CUDA programming for some of my work. CUDA seems preferable. I thought I read a press release that the next gen AMD cards would support CUDA?
  • If required, I'm prepared to use synergy with two PCs.
  • My family thinks I'm crazy, and I don't care. :)

Top Bunk:
27" 27"
Port. Port.

Bottom Bunk:

27" 34" 27"
Wide Wide


get two 970. they are flooding the market as people buy 10 series and 480's and you can get one for around 100 USD. 2 of those should be fine until 2017 comes with vega which is rumored to be around 12 teraflops. the specs of vega are unknown but it was recently showed playing star wars battlefront at 60+ fps in 4k with zen at amds newest live stream. also wows new map legion is broken to the point where a 1700$ cpu and a 1080's cant run it at 60fps at 1080p. i would suggest waiting on the gpu for vega/1080ti and waiting for zen.


The gpus themselves can push that many pixels in SLI, but you would quickly run out of vram.

There really isn't a solution out right now that can meet these demands outside of the professional video card world.

I would just pick up a RX480 with 8GB of vram and try to wait for vega or the 1080ti.

For gaming no, anything else absolutely yes.

a single rx480 cant push 7 monitors. you need 2 cards and the good stuff is just around the corner

Hi all,

Thanks for you input.

I think I need to provide a little more clarification.

When Multi-Boxing I would be using at most 3 of the monitors gaming. I am will to make concessions in resolution and eye-candy. I only plan on playing 5 characters max.

The rest of the time I would use x1 21:9 monitor for "normal" gaming.

What I have currently rolling around in my head is:

  • CPU: 8 cores 16 threads
  • RAM: 64 GB (I think this is the sweet spot for me.)
  • GPU: x2 (No SLI / No Crossfire)
  • HDD: 6 - 10 TB Cold Data
  • SSD (a): OS
  • SSD (b): Warm Data
  • NVME: Hot Data
  • NIC: 10gbe

Since I plan on waiting until I see the full offering from AMD and benchmarks to hit the web, I'm settling in for a nice little show (I'm pulling for AMD - everything is crossed). When I get my battle station all setup, I'll post some pics. Providing good news and availability, I'm hoping by sometime March 2017 to have a nice rig to crunch data and game on.

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I'm thinking about smushing this into a Mid-Size Case on an ATX motherboard (as an example). It should all fit without thermal issues, but looking for 2nd opinions.


Well....I couldn't wait any longer. I've got research projects being held up by the lack of hardware. I fully intended on waiting for AMD, but alas I could not. Does this mean I'll not be building an AMD system - not even. It just won't be a multi-use workstation. Maybe a server....

I assembled the rig this weekend. A few annoyances, but it's cookin' now. When I get my battle station setup, I'll get some pics.