$6K on 3th/s miners

My friend is going to drop 6 grand on a bitcoin miner when it comes out. It will be a 3th/s terracoin I believe. Is he screwing himself over? Hes expecting it to pay for itself in 1 week.

*Edit- It's a Cointerra 

The pronunciation of "3th/s," is bothering the hell out of me. I think he'll be fucked over.

threeths. threetthhhhs. 3th. thirth. thirths. 

Yeah, bad idea.

My problem with bitcoin is it seems to be a underwear gnome scheme. Miner + ? = Profit. So naturally I warned him against it but he started explaining how the government has already invested millions and gpus will be phased out soon and hes going to have the best miner and wants to build a whole room full of terracoins if the market let him. I just told him to invest in stocks if he want to blow that much money. 

But if anyone has some specifics as to why it's a bad idea could you please enlighten me so I can convince him not to blow all his money on bitcoin lol  

The fact that the government is trying to stop it might be relevant.

The fact that theyve begun to shutdown all bitcoin>USD transactions.

But mt.gox says otherwise?

Dowalla was shut down. That was the major trading company for it. Its really hard to actually get paid cash from bitcoin, as in getting the money to your paypal account, or a check.

That's what I was thinking as well, and it was the first thing I asked him. Trying to test it now. 

Wow that is awesome!   I would do it myself if I had that :D

He is getting half the money loaned... which is why I'm so skeptical lol but really no real evidence has slapped me in the face saying its a bad idea and the only way to succeed in an investment is to take a risk so I'm starting to lighten up to the idea... As long as he can show me a dollar in cash he made with it.