680i vs. 780i

Which should I buy, 780i or 680i? I was dead set on the 780i, however, I recently read that the 780i is a buggy motherboard. So now I'm looking at the 680i. Does anyone have a 680i or a 780i...if so, can you tell me your experience with your mobo. I'm going to be overclocking, so how does that differ b/w the 680i and the 780i?

PS: the brands I'm considering are XFX and EVGA

PSS: thanks for all of your comments on the dual vs. quad core post I recently made

Get the 680i. Cheaper, but just works as great. Doesn't really matter what brand you go on, just get the stuff you prefer, but 680i all the way.

the difference between the 680i and 780i is pcie2.0 and i think better 45nm cpu support (not sure, i faintly remember hearing that but i dont want to check cuz im lazy) on the 780i as well as the slot for the third graphics cards. my 780i hasn't messed up once and as far as brand get evga (especially with the 680i's, but with the 680i also consider asus). despite having pcie 2.0 slots the performance is nearly the same between the two boards.

i would say 780i because right now the pci 2.0 is not being used to full potential and when it is it will be way faster than the 680i if u have 2.0 pci card

doesn't the 780i pci-e rails run at 2.0 x16 speeds in sli and tri-sli, while the 680i's pci-e's run at 1.0 x16 in sli, but 1.0 x8 in tri-sli?

680i needs a bios update to run 45nm cpus, probably making it less stable than the 780i. if you ask me, i'd get the 780i for better gpu performance in the future.

on the 780i in tri sli the third slot isnt 2.0 i think.

ya ive been looking at the 680i lt's.. ether would work fine, tri sli isnt worth while i should mention.

if ur getting a 45nm cpu id get the 780 if ur going with like a q6600 ether would be fine, you could save some money on the 680.

Yup, I'm going w/ a Q6600 & will OC to 3ghz or more. I agree w/ you that tri-sli is a waste (plus my psu is only 800 watt Ultra x-3). At most I will run 2 280gtx's (not sure whether 800 watt psu is sufficient for the 2 280gtx's though).

On 3dgameman, Rodney said that running sli on the 680i is about 10-15 FPS slower than running the same cards in sli on a 780i or 790i. 10-15 FPS is alot!

that's with a gpu of today though, since 2.0 x16 sli (tri-sli is big lulz) will provide much more noticable performance in the future i believe.

how much do 680i's go for these days anyway? if you're just going to use that computer for a year or so, then get the 680i and save some money.. if you're going to keep it for like 2-4 years and beyond and just upgrade the psu/cpu/gpus, spend a little more cash for the 780i.

get the 780i FTW if u have enough cash

yea the 780i FTW should be badass for a good long time..

>[i]680i vs 780i[/i]

You can't be possibly serious...

I have a 780i and 680i LT under my belt... 780i is worth it.

Rice...didn't your 680i rig break recently?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I am probably going to keep this comp. for at least 2 years so I'll get the 780i then. I've been thinking about the icore 7 and it's just stupid to upgrade so soon if my rig is still fast & can play all the latest games that will be coming out.

So what's the difference b/w the 780i ftw & the 780i?

FTW versions have solid state compasitors for more stability when overclocking. ftw has a clear cmos button i believe and ram is 1066mhz standard over 800. i think it has a higher fsb? not so sure, i'd have to recheck it.. it's only like $30-40 more i think and it's definitely worth it imo..

I have both as well, both EVGA. Let me just say that the 680i is a rock solid board, I have been overclocking it since day one. The 780i is better for overclocking but the only bad mark against it is that the northbridge gets hotter when ocing than the 680i, and the NB fan is underpowered. If you are going to watercool the 780i like me then I would recommend that board. If you are not going to overclock or run 3way sli then just get the 680i. whatever one you get make sure it is the ftw version. FTW is the best version of the board models. It is more stable for overclocking as well as general reliability.

there's a 680i ftw? i've never seen it.. or heard of it for that matter.

well then you gotta keep up?

proof of 680i ftw or else you lie.

pfft, i got back from work and i'm lazy, use google

google has nothing about a 680i ftw, you lie.

only ftw mobos i know of is 750i/780i/790i

i know of the normal 680i and the LT version