6800(XT) benchmarks styling

I just wanted to express how much I like the styling of your graphs in the 6800 video, it looks really quite nice and clear. Good colours and the 3d despite sounding a but silly helps with differentiating the bars. And the background is nice to see return, always liked playing with those dots.

That said I do have a criticism. The screen wipes for transitions, light blue and white, is a bit hardware unboxed looking. I know that had been around a while now but it struck me today why it felt a little odd. Just as a viewer it would be more in keeping with the channels branding in the “Navy” and “Teal” colours instead of light blue and white.

The light blue of the bars with their other differentiations looks just fine I was only talking about the screen transitions.


I also like the graphs and they stuck our to me in a good way. Also, great coverage Wendell.

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