680 vs Quadro

So I built this rig for school and gameing and I wanted to know how fast my build was at rendering now that im taking 3ds Max. So the only benchmark I could really fined was this it took my rig (Blue) 6 minutes to render I was wondering if anyone here had a quadro card and could run this test to see the difference.  I have 64gigs or ram and a Intel Core i7-3820 processor at stock if you want to know more just look at my profile sorry for my punctuation im writing this on my phone from the bathtub heres the link for the test also If anyone has any other cards I would love to see what's up with amd cards thanks and have a nice day


Do you have a GPU yet, or are you asking us to recommend one for rendering?

I have a evga sc 680 2 gig. I was wondering mostly if buying a quadro would have been worth the money or if there was a better card I should have went with for rendering and gameing like maybe a titan. So that why I put that link for the benchmark wanted peopl to give there specs and render times see witch card might be better