680 4gb vs 7970

I will be doing mostly gaming while screen recording to post on youtube, some editing in sony vegas and premier pro, some cinema 4d animation and a little photoshop.

which is better in terms of performance, i dont care about heat or power consumption, which is better?

i will be probably using a 1080p screen at first and when i get more money switch to a higher resolution screen

I wold suggest going with the GTX 680 because it has the CUDA cores and that alows it to perform better in photoshop and all that stuff that i dont know :D and the NVIDIA cards work really good with adobe suit and verall Adobe programing from what ive heard.The 7970 is cheaper but it is better for multi monitoring because of its eyefinity technology!

I hope ive been usefull sorry for the bad english and good luck!

thx man, but will i utilize 4gb with only a 1080p screen?

In the more intensive games yes but im not so sure i have a 2 Gb card (im on a laptop)and i play games at 720p with no problem.

I think it will take advantage of all 4 GB but im not so sure again.Sorry i failed you :D



You would only need 4 gb if you were using 3+ monitors, wont help anything else otherwise. Might be more future-proof (yes i know there is no such thing but anyways), but the 7970 comes stock with 3 gb anyway.It is also cheaper and you can buy versions with more than 3gb. Only nvidia if you REALLY need cuda for the Adobe suits (phyx is a gimmick)

well as he said he is gona be using all that photoshop stuff so he needs the CUDA cores in my opinion.


7970 by far, Photoshop CS6 uses Open CL, Sony Vegas uses Open CL and Cinema4D only uses Open GL at the moment but will more than likely use Open CL in the future, Cuda Works with photoshop and Sony Vegas, but the GTX 680 is a lot more expensive than the 7970 for similar GPU accelerated performance.

also the GTX 680 has the same or weaker gaming performance, so definitley get the 7970.

i usually say amd because of facts.

but in this case Nvidia does put up a good fight.

get the 680 bro. You'll make good use of the cuda, and if you ever want to add even more monitors, the extra Vram might come in handy.

k thx guys i think ill go with the 680, now i just gotta figure what type or ram to get, any suggestions?

Games are nearly pushing the 2.. Be safe grab 4. I'd get a 7970 tho.

It's a great card!

Happy gaming!

thx for your help guys