670 power edition overvolting

Whats the most you would recommend or say is the highest I should overvolt my 670 power edition, I want to be able to bump my clocks up over 1250mhz and above without reducing the life of my card too much.

Thanks for any answer!

That is quite a push, just increase the power target and don't mess with the voltage itself

I can get to 1180Mhz without messing with the voltages. Oh and another thing, anyone have any idea how hot I should let my gddr5 ram get? their ehh id estimate about 70 - 80 degrees. Hot enough to hurt after about 3 seconds. Id find the exact temperature, but msi afterburner doesnt specify.

Push it until it throttles. After that, just lower it a bit and you'll be fine. Don't raise the voltages too much, though. Set the frequency then adjust if it is unstable. Increase in small amounts.

If its not peaking at like 85 degrees plus, you can push it pretty hard. 

Just find out what the maximum safe voltage for your card is. You shold be able to just google it. I don't understand why everyone on this forum is so afraid of raising voltages in order to overclock. It seems like most of them haven't done any serious overclocking before.

Exactly haha. Overvolting is a very neccessary part of overclocking. Just do as Vortex said.

I heard a saying once that it wasnt particularly the voltage that killed cards, but the heat. And thanks for the advice! Ill go find out the maximum voltage for my card and do some overclocking when I wake up tomorrow.