670 or 760

I'm sick of not having everything maxed on my curren't system. It's greedy I know but I've got some cash sloshing about and what better way to spend it on massively depreciating PC componants. I'm currently running a reference AMD 6850 which is loud and slow(ish).

But I'm struggling on which number should go first. I have two cards, they cost the same. They have similar performance but they are objectively differen't. But which one is better, I'm leaning towards the 670.

So: 670 or 760

The 760 is basically a 670 with some disabled CUDA cores. From what I've seen the performance gain is 5-10% and when overclocked that number can differ. The 760 is also cheaper at $200 to start, so I'd say go for it. Some good ones are ASUS's GTX 760 DirectCU II OC, EVGA's GTX 760 SC w/ACX Cooler, etc.

If you have a bigger budget a 770 will kill everything and last a while (it can play Crysis 3 @ 1080P on Very High w/FXAA at about 40-50 fps). The 7970 GHz is also a nice option, and AMD just slashed the pricing on all their cards. And, you get free games!

Its not cheaper, it is exactly the same price (£209 including shipping) from the online retailer Overclockers in the UK. I'm looking at the numbers and it seems a no brainer for the 670 unless someone can explain otherwise.

A 770 is £100 more and thats money I really can't justify spending.



Consider the AMD side of things as well, "don't be a fanboy, get what's best for your money" someone wise once sad. I own a Asus AMD 7950 DirectCU II v2 clocked at 1080 mhz (over a stock 680/7970) and I can max crysis 3 at 1080 p with smaa x4 at 30 + avg fps not to mention the ridiculous temps, max 68 under full load at 50% fan speed.

At the end of the day its your choice, all the cards above can max any game at 1080p with a good cpu. I can personally recommend anything above and included 7850, 660. Get what is on sale, try to find out which games work better on which card (i.e Batman on nvidia, Battlefield 3/4 Amd).

I've seen the 670 go for less than £180 on Scan.co.uk. I really like OcUK, but they are overpriced.

The 600 series performance was held back by the speed of the GPU memory. This was resolved with the 700 series. This will be highly beneficial for loading better detailed textures in next-gen games. Not only that, but the performance of the 700 series can only increase with driver updates.

I would only picked up the 670 if it was significantly cheaper.


Should definitely consider the 7950. Here's a video where it compares to the 770, and sometimes beats it.