670 4gb or 680 4gb?

Im helping a friend build a pc, and i was curious which would be better. If he got the $100 cheaper 670, he would be able to get a 3930k, but only a 3770k with the 680. Both would be running in sli, directcu ii version.

What do you mean they will be running in SLI? Also, what is the computer going to be used for?

He will have 2 cards in sli. As for the usage, mostly gaming, web browsing, and some video editing/streaming.

Why does he need 4gb vram? Also, the 3820 is another option for X79. Personally I would get a 7970 3gb though.

He wants 4gb of vram for editing and stuff, i dont really know honestly. Isnt CUDA better for that stuff anyway?

It depends on how heavy his editing is. If all he is doing is pasting clips together with Sony Vegas or something then cuda won't make much of a differance. The most intensive part is encoding and that relies mostly on the CPU. I took film in school and my X79 3820 rig with 6950's did the job perfectly fine for these tasks.

4gb really won't be used for gaming really any time soon though.

If you have to choose between the two I would go with the 4gb 680 + 3820 and stay with X79.

Ok, thanks.